MSRP-1 Plastic Scintillation Probe

WB Johnson MRSP-1 radiation detectorThe MSRP-1 plastic scintillation probe is our most common microR detector. The probe is tissue equivalent, and has greater accuracy and sensitivity than a sodium iodide crystal. It is sensitive to gamma radiation at the microR level between 40 keV and 2 MeV; The range is 0-10,000 micro R. Specifications are listed below.Johnson Nucear MSRP-1 Plastic Scintillation probe CE Mark


General:  Micro R Detector
Range: 0 - 10,000 Micro R
Energy Response: Gamma: 40 keV-2MeV
Operating Voltage: 600 - 900 vdc
Window Density: 7 mg/cm2
Dead Time: <5 μSec
Sensitivity to Cs-137: 100 CPM/μR/hr
Sensitive Area: 1.5” X 1”
Environmental: -20°F (-28° C)— 140°F (60° C) — 5 - 95% RH, IPX4 Housing
Dimensions: 1.875” (4.76cm) Diameter X 6” (15.2cm) Long
Weight: 8 0z


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