Model PTG-7RN Radon Monitor

This model is discontinued. Please see our latest model, the PTG-9RN.

The PTG-7RN Radon Monitor is a sensitive, rugged, portable instrument for detection and measurement of airborne radon. The subtractive balanced chamber electro - meter circuit decreases background effects to negligible levels and its de-ionized and filtered intake reduces spurious effects from smoke, dust and existing ionization in the air to negligible levels. Inlet and outlet hoses allow monitoring interiors of fume hoods, exhaust stacks, etc. The PTG-7RN will measure airborne radon as free radon gas (with or without Radon Daughters at users option) as low as 1 Bq/m3.

All instruments are calibrated at the factory. Calibration check may be performed in the field with a micro Curie level beta-gamma source. Chambers may be switched to additive operation to check linearity of response on a gamma calibration range. User friendly calibration controls are provided. 

PTG-7RN Radon Detector Top View

PTG-7RN Radon Detector Inside View

PTG-7RN Radon Detector Front View

 Figure 1: Portable PTG-7RN Radon Detector; top view, inside view, side view


Model # PTG-7RN Portable Radon Monitor


Model PTG-7RN Radon Monitor  


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