PTG-9RN Radon Monitor

PTG-9RN Radon Monitor by Technical AssociatesThe PTG-9-RN Radon Monitor is a sensitive, rugged, portable instrument for detection and measurement of airborne radon. The subtractive balanced chamber electro - meter circuit decreases background effects to negligible levels. The deionized and filtered intake greatly reduces spurious effects from smoke, dust and existing ionization in the air. Inlet and outlet hoses allow monitoring interiors of fume hoods, exhaust stacks, etc. The PTG-9-RN will measure airborne radon as free Radon gas (with or without Radon Daughters at users option) as low as 1 pCi/l. All instruments are calibrated at the factory. Calibration check may be performed in the field with a microCurie level beta-gamma source. Chambers may be switched to additive operation to check linearity of response on a gamma calibration range. User friendly calibration controls are provided.


PTG-9RN Specifications

Ranges: Large, easy to read digital LED readout. Two ranges cover six decades: 2 x 10-9 to 2.0 x 10-3 µCi/cc (74 Bq/ml to 74 MBq/ml.)
Background: Essentially eliminated by subtractive balanced chambers.
Smoke, Dust and Ion Elimination: Filter and deionizer reduce effects to negligible level.
Circuit: Electrometer circuit amplifies net difference between a two liter radon internal chamber and a sealed background chamber of similar configuration.
Alarms: Low Air Flow and Alarm High Level Alarm: Red Lamps and Audio Alarm.
Controls: Front Panel Off-On range switch calibrate switch. Alarm set button, alarm reset button.
Calibration: Can calibrate internally with radon gas, or on a calibration course, or (at a single point) with optional beta-gamma source.
Printer: DB-9 Plug is furnished for optional external serial printer.
Computer Interface: RS-232 serial port is built in (fully addressable).
Portability: PTG-9-RN is provided with carrying handle and optionally with loops for shoulder sling.
Case: Deep drawn aluminum case, with handle and gasketed lid, easily clean-able anodized finish.
Including handle: 7''W x 11''L x 7'' Tall.
Front Panel: 11'' Long x 7'' Wide.
Battery: 12V 7 A/hr rechargeable sealed. Panasonic LCR12V1 BPN or equivalent.
Battery Life: 20 hours between changes. Battery charger is built-in.
Weight: 12 lbs. Shipping weight 15 lbs.

Accessories and Options

RAL-3A: Remote Alarm (audible & visual) Model #RAL-3A (including 25 ft. of cable). Can be used to 500 ft.
iServe-7: Built-in internet / Ethernet server.
HTR-7: Heated Ion Chambers
WIN-W: Win-Wedge data logging software for users portable PC.
MPM-40DT: Serial Printer with date and time stamp.


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