SSS-33M8 Series Tritium or Radon In-Water Monitor

Real Time Continuous

Model # SSS-33M8 – Tritium
Model # SSS-33M8R - Radon

SSS-33M8/M8R Tritium or Radon Water MonitorThis system consists of a small light tight detector assembly which is interfaced with the sample via 1/4 inch pipe fittings with the readout and processor assembly via two MHV connectors.The sample is passed through a deionize and filter and thence to the detector assembly, where it is viewed by a matched pair of
photo multiplier tubes. The table top or rack mounted processor and display portion of this system conditions and analyzes the output from the photo multiplier tubes by pulse height and coincidence, thereby permitting the system to eliminate counting most background (noise) counts.
* SSS-33M8 users, see ``Deionizer and Filter'' specification (SSS-33M8/D and SSS-33M8/F).


•Real Time - Offline
•Continuous Monintoring
•Not affected by other nuclides
•No Liquid Scintallint Required
•Easy Recalibration
•Sensitive to 20,000 pCurie/l Tritium
•Sensitive to 200 pCurie/l Radon


Meets EPA Drinking Water Levels
Monitor Leaks in CANDU type reactors
Monitor Tritium Contamination in Ground Water
Monitor Laboratory or Plant Liquid Waste Stream

•Tritium Sensitivity: 50 Micro Ci/liter in 4 minutes. Requires use of the optional 1” thick lead shielding.
*LDD better than 20,000 pCi/liter averaged over 24 hours. Requires 24 hr background
count time as well.
•Range: 0-100 μ Ci/liter – other ranges optional higher or lower.
•Radon Sensitivity: 1 pCi/liter in 4 0.1 pCi/liter in 4 minutes. Requires use of the optional 1” thick lead shielding
*LDD better than 20,000 pCi/liter averaged over 6 hours.
• Range: 0-100 μ Ci/liter – other ranges also available.
•Flow Rate: Minimum - 1 ml/min
Maximum - 100 ml/min
•Sample Temperature: Standard - < 80° F (liquid); (optional - to 115° F)
•Ambient Temperature:
Detector - < 80° F (Optional - to 115° F)
Readout - < 115° F
•Lead Shielding: 1/4” thick is standard
1” thick is optional
Detector - 4'‘dia x 19''Long
Readout - 10''H x 16''L x 19''W
•Weight (Standard Unit):
Detector Housing - 20 lbs.
Readout Housing - 40 lbs.
Shipping - 90 lbs.
•Display: Digital 5 digits, plus overflow (LED)
•Options: Higher temperature to 115° F.
Computer and/or recorder output.
Deionizer and Filter specification (SSS-33M8/D)


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