Tritium Detection

Survey Meters and Monitors

Model PTG-9 Tritium Monitor

This model is a sensitive, rugged, and portable instrument for detection and measurement of airborne Tritium. Its subtractive balanced chamber electrometer circuit decreases background effects to negligible levels and its deionized and filtered intake reduces spurious effects from smoke dust and existing ionization in the air.

200 SB Tritium Detector by Overhoff

Model 200SB Tritium Detector

This portable, lightweight instrument is useful for for wide range, and fast response tritium detection. The sensitivity is 10μCi/m3, and no gas flow is required A large pump and fast electronics are combined to yield a relatively quick response. Response rate is about 5 seconds to reach 90% of final reading. An HTO discriminating version is available. By addition of an external desiccant column, this survey instrument will specifically measure HTO in the presence of HT, and other radioactive gases.

400AC Tritium Detector

Model 400AC Tritium Detector

This updated monitor is based on our popular Model 400 platform. It features a small, lightweight design (hand-held), high sensitivity, rechargeable battery, fully gamma-compensation, serial data output, and user recalibration features. Rapid response the result of its abiltiy to ignore radon. The electronic time constant is 10 seconds, the pneumatic time constant of about 12 seconds, for an overall time constant of 15 seconds. Meter readings will reach 90% of final value within 30 seconds to a step response of aspirated tritium.

Technical Associates Model FF-26 Tritium Monitor

Model FF-26, FF-27 Tritium Detector

The FF-26 and FF-27 Tritium Contamination Monitors are portable gas flow proportional counters sensitive to betas of H-3. The windowless probes easily glide over flat surfaces on poly tape which provides some spacing from surface as well as easy scratch-free movement. The poly tape is easily cleaned but may also be replaced if contaminated. P-10 and P-5 counting gas utilized in these tritium monitors is non-combustible and can be used in any environment.


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