Eagle Eye Personal RAD Detector

Eagle Eye Dosimeter

The EagleEYE is our newest and most advanced PRD (Personal Radiation Detector). It utilizes a CsI detector that provides unmatched sensitivity. User-friendly displays and interface that makes this device ideal in a mission critical situation. Even experienced PRD users will be amazed at the incredible sensitivity, information, and user configurability it provides.

The EagleEye can communicate over RADConnect, a mesh type network used for remote viewing. RADConnect allows up to 50 other EagleEYE units and/or other RADConnect enabled radiation detection devices to connect in real-time. All radiation level and alarms can be viewed and logged remotely. The EagleEYE is equipped with an internal GPS so it can additionally report its longitude and latitude.

The EagleEYE incorporates two separate displays. The front display provides all data and editing parameters. A second top mounted OLED displays the rad level; this is ideal viewing when worn on a belt or in a breast pocket. The large, front mounted, high resolution LCD is accompanied by a rocker wheel interface and two buttons, enabling users to easily access device data and user-preferred adjustments. This interface is the most user-friendly available; it does not leave users lost in a series of deeply nested menus as with other manufacturers.


• Highly Sensitive CsI Detector
• Dual Displays with Intuitive User Interface
• Mesh Network Enabled for Remote Viewing/Logging
• Built-in GPS
• 130 Hour Operation on Rechargeable Battery
• Audio/Visual/Vibration Alarm Annunciation
• Small, Lightweight, Rugged


Detectors 6 cm3 CsI(Na) scintillation crystal with a PMTEagleEye display
Communication RADConnect, USB
Power Lithium Ion Battery (Rechargeable)
Battery Life 130 hrs (depending on options selected) (1)
Detection Speed 1 second
Dose Rate Range 1 μrem/hr - 70 mrem/hr (0.01 μSv – 0.7 mSv/hr).
Sensitivity 1.93 cps/μrem/hr (193 cps/μSv/hr) (137Cs)
Dose Rate Response Less than 20% (137Cs)
Energy Range 50 keV – 3 MeV
Display Two advanced displays to provide a rich user interface along with a quick display
for detection status
Main Display Type: Transflective TFT LCD Resolution: 320 x 240
Color Depth: 18-bits providing up to 262,144 color rendering
Top Display Type: Organic OLED Resolution: 128 x 64
Display Units (μ – m) rem/hr, (n – m) Sv/hr, CPS
Alarm Volume > 85 dB (A-weighted in free air) at 30cm
Humidity 95% at 35 °C non-condensing
Temperature -20 °C to 50 °C
Dimensions 62 mm x 31 mm x 107 mm (2.44” x 1.22“ x 4.21”)
Weight 172.9 g (6.1 oz)
Environment IP65 rated
Regulatory FCC and CE Compliant Industry Standards Designed to meet ANSI N42.32 (2) and N42.33 requirements

Accessories included with purchase

Carrying Bag Nice padded carry case that can be worn on belt. Clear plastic
cover across top to enable viewing top mounted display.
Battery Charger 120 VAC wall charger with USB-to-mini-USB cable

RADConnect: Enables remote monitoring on mesh-network


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