CRC-15R Dose Calibrator
CRC-15 R Dose Calibrator Item # 5130-3056
  • Very simple and easy to use, offering more features than most models
  • Over 80 nuclides selectable by alpha/numeric key board with their half-lives
  • Decay calculation Time Key allows activity calculation for pre and post-calibration
  • Stores data on 5 reference sources with decay corrected activity
  • Large LCD display with nuclide name, number, activity unit of measure and calibration number.
  • Menu driven program for Mo-99 assay, with standard moly-shield or CAPMAC with automatic calculation.
  • Built in QC programs and system test.
  • Automatic background and zero adjust accomplished with the Daily Test Program

The CRC-15R is our most popular dose calibrator, and for good reason. Taking advantage of the latest technology, the CRC-15R is an auto-ranging dose calibrator, giving you added speed, accuracy, and easy to use features. There are 9 preset nuclide keys plus 5 user defined keys that may be set to any nuclide you require. The advanced system also allows selection of over 86 different nuclides through the alpha/numeric keys by simply typing the nuclide name/number and pressing ENTER.

The CRC-15R Dose Calibrator has been discontinued. The modern replacement is the CRC-25R Dose Calibrator.

CRC-127 R Dose Calibrator Item # 5130-3092
Most economical calibrator offered. This "Standard" unit has all of the outstanding features of the previous models, CRC-7 and CRC-12. PLUS: 
User selectable manual or autoranging
8 present nuclide keys
Readings in Curie and Becquerel (Lockable)