"Safe-Spill"Trays and Liners

Discontinued. No longer available.

The “Safe-Spill” Containment System provides the answers to modern requirements for a safer, clearly defined work area, true retention of spills, drastic reduction of the low-level radioactive paper waste volume and the initial costs of purchasing a paper product for the work area, therefore reducing the running costs in the lab. At the same time it increases both safety and efficiency. This is achieved by using our “Safe-Spill” trays and tailored nonabsorbent, antistatic reusable liners, which are easily cleaned. Each liner can last up to about three months. These liners, when incinerated, produce only carbon dioxide and water with no harmful by-products. The “Safe-Spill” trays are available in two colors, White & Yellow, in six sizes and are suitable for most hazardous spillages. The yellow tray displays the international radiation symbol while the white tray can be offered with either the Biohazard logo or with no logo. The starter pack consists of one tray and 10 liners.

RADIATION HAZARD - YELLOW Starter packs contain base tray and 10 liners

 Size (W"xL")

 Tray only




  starter pack


 21 x 13     DSS1112  $75.00    
 44 x 21  DSS1045  $105.00  DSS1115  $170.00  DSS1155 $175.00
 27 x 21      DSS1116  $150    
 221/4 x 21  DSS1047  $70.00  DSS1117  $80.00  DSS1157  $99.00
 18 x 10  DSS1048  $50.00  DSS1118  $70.00  DSS1158  $85.00


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