The Model 7000 "Rainbow" Multi-Channel Analyzer is a low cost portable self contained MCA. It can be used in the field or the lab for both routine or emergency measurements. It offers all the usual features of most MCAs, including 1024 channels, dead time correction, digital gain, expanded scales, and built in memory storage. The Rainbow MCA was designed to combat the problems of 3 piece MCAs (small MCA, detector and laptop) in several ways. First, the instrument is constructed with field use in mind. Second, the battery life of the Rainbow is 100 hours, enough for several days use. Third, the unit is self contained, small and light weight; it only needs a detector. And fourth, the cost of the instrument is low. The Rainbow has the same features you would expect from a state-of-the-art MCA. It has 1025 channels rather than 256. The gain is digitally adjusted and can be changed from the front panel. The user friendly interface is through 7 pushbuttons. 5 of these are used as simple soft keys. The battery life is long and the electronics uses standard parts for easy maintenance now and in the future. A scintillation detector can be strapped to the top of the Rainbow to create a single package for easy carrying, storage or use. The switches and connectors are all guarded to protect them from damage. The detector can be either of the two types. The detector can have its own power supply and preamp, or it can rely on the optional removable high voltage power supply and preamp inside the Rainbow MCA. This enhances its versatility and helps to keep the costs down because it may be used with existing equipment, particularly scintillators that have been used with count rate meters. The Rainbow MCA is a simple sturdy instrument that is useable in many diverse areas. Its portability and compact size is particularly useful in file work and appreciated in the lab. For most users it is the ideal solution for looking at radiation spectra.

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  • small and portable
  • live time display
  • 1024 channels
  • low cost
  • built-in display
  • internal or external      PREAMP/HV
  • flexible detector connection
21A 7010 RAINBOW 1024 Channel MCA  
21A 7014 Preamp/HV for Model 7010  
21A 7530 1 x 1 NaI Scintillation Detector  
21A 7100 BNC/BNC cable  
21A MCA1 7010 + 7014  
21A MCA2 7010 + 7014 + 7530 + 7100  
21A 7021 Shoulder strap for 7010  

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