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The ERK-525 Emergency Response Kit includes the DSM-525 digital survey meter (for dual probe connection), MRSP-1 Plastic Scintillation Probe, HP-265 pancake G-M probe with check source and holder. This emergency response kit is ideal for police, fire and rescue as well as scientific applications.


DSM-525 Dual Probe Survey Meter/Scaler
with digital display

The DSM-525 is a microprocessor Scaler/Ratemeter with a large digital display and separate inputs for 2 detectors. The 525 has separate adjustable HV supplies for each detector and each detector can have different DOSE & CPM calibrations. Inputs can have different functions i.e. Ratemeter on one input and Scaler on the other input. A threshold that is variable from 0– 100 % on the input signal eliminates unwanted signals below preset amplitudes. Alarms are provided from 5 - 95% of full scale. Both probes can be connected and only require adjusting selector switch to the probe for completely automatic operation.

Input Sensitivity: 0.050 v p-p
Threshold Variable: from 0-100% of input signal
Display: 4 DIGIT X .75” Tall 19 mm) LCD W/Led BACKLIGHT
Display: Back light Push Button ON for 30 seconds Auto Off
Dose Ranges # 1: Probe 0.0 μR/hr to 9999 R/hr & 0.0 μSv/hr to 999.9 Sv/hr
Dose Ranges # 2: Probe 0.0 μR/hr to 9999 R/hr & 0.0 μSv/hr to 999.9 Sv/hr
Scaler Ranges: 0-9,999 cps, 0-9999 cpm and 0-9999 Kcpm
Scaler Count Time Ranges :10 second increments to 2500 seconds
Calibration Controls: Standard 12 turn Potentiometer for each range
Range: Adjustment Auto-ranging
Electrical Linearity: ±5%
Response Time: Slow-20 seconds FS, Fast-4 Seconds FS
Drift: <5%
Environmental: -20 deg F (-28 deg C)-140 deg F (60 deg ?C) | 5-95% RH IPX4 Housing
HV 1 & 2: ( Separate Adjustment) Adjustable 300-1500 VDC | Regulation ±1%
Audio Front panel switch: water & solvent resistant
Battery: 6 AA, Nominal 200 hrs operation
Dimensions: 5.5" (14cm) H X 4" (10cm) W X 7" (18cm) L
Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.1kilo) W/ Batteries
Construction: Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Alarm: 5-95% of full scale
MRSP-1 Plastic Scintillation Probe

plastic scintillation probe

The MRSP-1 plastic scintillation probe our newest microR Detector. The probe is tissue equivalent, and has greater accuracy and sensitivity than a sodium iodide chamber. It is sensitive to gamma radiation at the microR level between 15 keV and 2 MeV. The range is 0-10,000 micro R.

General: Micro R Detector
Range: 0 - 5,000 Micro R
Energy Response: Gamma: 40 keV-2MeV
Operating Voltage: 900 vdc
Window Density: 7 mg/cm2
Dead Time: <5 μSec
Sensitive to Cs-137: 60 CPM/μR/hr
Sensitive Area: 1” (2.54cm) X 1” (2.54cm)
Environmental: -20°F (-28° C)— 140°F (60° C) — 5 - 95% RH, IPX4 Housing
Dimensions: 1.875” (4.76cm) Diameter X 6” (15.2cm) Long
Weight: 0.5 Pounds (.23 kilos)

HP-265 G-M Pancake Probe

hp 265 pancake probe

The 2.5 inch pancake G-M probe is ideal for general purpose survey. This G-M probe detects alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. The HP-265 measures 14C, 32P, 35S and 137Cs with notable efficiency.

Description: Long life halogen pancake G-M detector with 1.6 mg/cm2 End Window
Efficiency (4pi geometry): Typically 5%-C-14; 22%-Sr-90/Y-90; 19%-Tc-99; 32%-P-32; 15%-Pu-239, Gamma dose to 200 mR/hr (Based on 137Cs calibration)
Operating Voltage: 900 vdc
Window Thickness: 1.6mg/cm2
CPM/mR/hr: (137CS): 2,500
Energy Response: Alpha - 3.5 meV min, Beta - 1 keV min, Gamma - 20 keV-2 meV
Sensitive Area: 15 cm2
Finish: Polyurethane Coated Aluminum
Dimensions: 2.75" diameter. X 11" long
Weight: 16 ounces
Environmental: 20º - 60ºC, 5% - 95% RH non-condensing---IPX4
Construction: Polyurethane coated aluminum probe housing, nylon coated stainless steel probe clip

Check Source and Holder

Cs-137 Check Source for Emergency Kit, nuclear by Johnson NuclearCs-137 1 uCi, 1 inch check source with holder

Waterproof Hard Case

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