GSM-525 Auto-ranging Dual-Probe Survey Meter

Older Stock, blue version - on sale

GSM-525 survey meter



The GSM-525 features calibration for two different probes measuring in both counts and dose. Other features include auto-ranging, integration, peak hold, and auto dose linearization of each probe. This survey meter is recommended when two different probes are needed for different applications. It saves the user from purchasing a second survey meter. This survey meter is ideal for emergency response teams. The current stock is older stock, from the blue series. This model is no longer manufactured, for the latest version, try our DSM-525 digital survey meter, for dual external probes.

GSM-525 4-Range Dual Probe Microprocessor Survey Meter Specifications

Calibration: CPM and Dose (mR/hr or mSv/hr based on Cs137 Calibration)
Channel #1 Probe Compatibility: GP-200 End Window probe, HP-265 Pancake G-M Probe, GLE-1 Low Energy NaI probe, GP-1001 Energy compensated Cylindrical G-M probe, GSP-1 NaI Scintillation Probe 1"x1", GSP-2 NaI Scintillation Probe 2"x2", and ASP-2A Alpha Scintillation probe
Channel #2 Probe Compatibility: GLE-1 Low Energy NaI probe, GSP-1 NaI Scintillation Probe 1"x1", GSP-2 NaI Scintillation Probe 2"x2", ASP-2A Alpha Scintillation probe
Ranges #1 Probe: 0-.2, 0-2, 0-20, & 0-200 mR/hr or 0-500, 0-5000 & 0-50,000, & 0-500,000 cpm
Ranges #2 Probe: 0-500, 0-5000 & 0-50,000, & 0-500,000 cpm-Cannot be dose calibrated.
Diagnostics: Visuaul low battery, detector saturation and HV out-of-range
Adjustable high voltage: 300 - 1300 volts ±1%
Audio Output: On-Off Front Panel Switch, Water & solvent resistant
Power Supply:
QTY six AA Alkaline batteries
3.5 inch Rugged water resistant panel meter, analog
Dimensions: 5-½" (14 cm) H X 4" (10 cm) W X 7" (18 cm)
Weight: 2-1/4 Pounds (1 kg)
Construction: Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Stable from - 20° c to 60° c, IPX4, moisture resistant

note: survey meter requires a probe, sold seperately.

Choose Two Probes:

GP-200 End Window G-M detector (blue, old stock)..................$120

GP-1010 GM detector with Beta slide window (old stock).........$120

GLE-1 Low Energy NaI probe (blue, old stock).....................$180

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