6150 ADT Teletector Extender Probe

For Remote Gamma and X-ray Radiation Survey

Probe only, requires ratemeter

6150ADT telescoping probe, dual probe radiation detector by Automess

The Automess Teletector 6150 ADT is a telescoping probe that measures photon radiation (gamma and x-rays) and detects beta radiation. This probe requires and integrates with a 6150 ADn series dose ratemeter. The most common ratemeters used with the Teletector 6150 ADT are the 6150 AD-5 Ratemeter and the 6150 AD-6 Ratemeter. The dose ratemeter is mounted on the probe housing, held firmly in place to the cable end of the Teletector probe via the probe socket. The telescope, consisting of stainless steel tubes, is fitted to the front end of the watertight aluminum diecast housing of the Teletector probe. The two energy-compensated G-M tubes are located at the tip of the telescope in the round counting tube housing. The G-M tubes are arranged axially and placed beside each other. The Teletector 6150 ADT telescoping probe is watertight when the probe is fully extended and the probe cap is in place.

The Teletector 6150 ADT teletector probe with ratemeter simultaneously measures dose rate, dose, dose rate mean value, standard deviation of mean value, and dose rate maximum value. The low End tube detects beta radiation and together with the high end tube the The Teletector covers a dose range from 10 µR/h to 1000 R/h (0.1 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h). The system automatically switches between the two G-M tubes. The display indicates which of the two G-M tubes is in operation. This feature helps determine whether or not beta radiation is present.

6150 ADT Features

6150-ADT Specifications

Low range detector (energy compensated): beta gamma end window tube ZP1400 or equivalent, effective length 40 mm, sensitivity approx. 5800 pulses per μSv
High range detector (energy compensated): gamma tube ZP1300 or equivalent, effective length 8 mm, sensitivity approx. 100 pulses per μSv
Detector selection: automatically with hysteresis: > 10 mSv/h: high range < 2 mSv/h: return to low range
Measuring quantity: /H, /E models: ambient dose equiva- lent H*(10); others: exposure dose JS
Energy range and angular range: max. ±40% within:
low range tube: 65 keV to 1.3 MeV
high range tube: 65 keV to 3 MeV
and ±45°
(preferential direction is perpendicular to the axis)
Indicated dose rate range:
0.1 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h
Digital: 0.00 μSv/h to 9.99 Sv/h
Useful dose rate range: 2 μSv/h to 9.99 Sv/h (fluctuations stronger than 15% below 2 μSv/h)
Linearity of dose rate measurement: deviation max. ±10%, calibration with Cs-137
Instrumental background: max. 50 nSv/h, typically less than 15 nSv/h
Overload: overrange indication up to 100 Sv/h
Digital dose range:
with 6150AD1-2: 0 μSv - 9.99 Sv
with 6150AD5-6: 0.00 μSv - 9.99 Sv
Predefined dose rate alarm thresholds:

250 μSv/h 10 mSv/h
1.0 mSv/h 2.5 mSv/h
25 mSv/h (disabled)

User programmable alarm thresholds: one freely programmable threshold for each dose and dose rate (with smart models 6150AD5 & AD6 only)
Temperature range: -30°C to + 50°C, deviation max. ±10% referred to indication at +20°C
Humidity: nominal range 0 to 95% within speci- fied temperature range
Atmospheric pressure: nominal range 60 to 130 kPa (600 to 1300 mbar)
Geotropism: none (no change of response as a result of gravitational effects)
Power supply: 4.75 Volt out of 6150AD
Battery life including the 6150AD: with a 6LR61 alkaline battery: approx. 200 hours at low dose rates with the 6150AD’s illumination off
Housing aluminium die-cast, scratch-resistant paint, waterproof, protection class IP 67 according to DIN 40050 if telescope fully retracted and protective cap applied
Dimensions length 910 mm to 4120 mm depending on telescope position, width 130 mm, height 90 mm
Weight: approximately 3 kg excluding the 6150AD

6150ADT Teletector probe energy response curve