TELETECTOR 6150 ADT Telescoping Probe

For Remote Gamma and X-ray Radiation Survey

Automess - North America

The Teletector 6150 ADT is a telescoping probe that measures photon radiation (gamma and x-rays) and detects beta radiation. This probe requires and integrates with a 6150 ADn series dose ratemeter. The most common ratemeters used with the Teletector 6150 ADT are the 6150 AD-5 Ratemeter and the 6150 AD-6 Ratemeter. The dose ratemeter is mounted on the probe housing, held firmly in place to the cable end of the Teletector probe via the probe socket. The telescope, consisting of stainless steel tubes, is fitted to the front end of the watertight aluminum diecast housing of the Teletector probe. The two energy-compensated G-M tubes are located at the tip of the telescope in the round counting tube housing. The G-M tubes are arranged axially and placed beside each other. The Teletector 6150 ADT telescoping probe is watertight when the probe is fully extended and the probe cap is in place.

Automess Teletector ADT telescoping probe with 6150 AD-5 ratemeterThe Teletector 6150 ADT teletector probe with ratemeter simultaneously measures dose rate, dose, dose rate mean value, standard deviation of mean value, and dose rate maximum value. The low End tube detects beta radiation and together with the high end tube the The Teletector covers a dose range from 10 µR/h to 1000 R/h (0.1 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h). The system automatically switches between the two G-M tubes. The display indicates which of the two G-M tubes is in operation. This feature helps determine whether or not beta radiation is present.




Teletector ADT system Features:

• Measuring unit comprising telescopic probe 6150 ADT Telescoping probe and dose rate meter series 6150 ADn, which can also be used separately.
• Safety at a distance: telescopic probe infinitely extendable to overall length of approximately 4.12 m
• Four parallel operating modes with various callable displays: dose rate - average dose rate - maximum dose rate - accumulated dose
• Automatic range switching
• Dose rate alarm threshold
• Audible single pulse indicator
• Microprocessor-controlled correction of GM tube fluctuations: extremely accurate measurements combined with full interchangeability of probes and instruments
• Extremely low current consumption
• Robust, waterproof aluminum diecast housing, no opening for loudspeaker, easily decontaminable

Also read about the Teletector 6112M, which is an all-in-one, fully-integrated system.


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