Personal Dosimeters for Gamma, X-ray, Neutron Radiation- for sale

Both Analog and Digital: Chargers, Readers and Software Available

Personal Dosimeter by Fuji Electric

NRF-30 Electronic Dosimeter for Gamma and X-ray Radiation

The NRF series Electronic Personal Dosimeter (EPD) is a suitable for detecting and
monitoring radiation in the restricted areas of nuclear power stations and other nuclear facilities. The NRF30 measures gamma and X-ray radiation, featuring dose and dose rate in digital display. An audible alarm activates if the dose or dose rate exceeds a preset value...more.

NRF34 Dosimeter for beta and gamma

NRF-34 Electronic Dosimeter for Gamma and Beta Radiation

The NRF34 Electronic Personal Dosimeter displays personal dose, when personnel are exposed to beta and gamma radiation. This EPD features digital display and audible alarm. The user sets alarm threshholds for dose and dose rate by means of the NRZ software and reader...more.

NRF31 Neutron, Gamma Electronic Dosimeter By Fuji Electronics

NRF-31 Electronic Dosimeter for Gamma and Neutron Radiation

The NRF31 Electronic Personal Dosimeter displays personal dose equivalent of neutron and gamma radiation in dose and dose rate. This EPD features digital display and audible alarm. The user sets alarm threshholds for dose and dose rate by means of the NRZ software and reader...more.

NRF-50 Electronic Dosimeter for Gamma, large dislay, real time monitoring

The NRF50 EPD / dosimeter utilizes Wi-Fi for remote, real-time monitoring. The dosimeter features a large visual display for convenient viewing and a red emergency call control to notify safety management personnel of emergency incidents. The NRF50 Electronic Dosimeters offer a modern alternative to traditional electronic dosimetry in nuclear facilities...more.

Dose-i Electronic Dosimeter for Gamma and X-ray

Small and Ultra-light dosimeter. Reader and software options are available. Similar to the NRF series, but more compact...more.

RAD-60 Dosimeter

RADOS RAD-60 Electronic Dosimeter for Gamma and X-ray

The RADOS RAD-60 dosimeter is manufactured in Finland. It includes state-of-the-art technology with built in memory for retrieving dose and dose rate. It eliminates outside interference from shock and RF. The RAD-60 dosimeter is easily programmed by the user. It includes a digital display, and operates with a single AAA alkaline battery...more.

Sentry dosimeter and Ratemeter

Radiation Alert® Sentry Personal Alarming Dosimeter

Unique, inexpensive dosimeter. There is no display, but the Sentry features an internal memory, which is downloaded to a PC. The Radiation Alert® Sentry is a Personal Alarming Dosimeter / Ratemeter designed to protect personnel who are exposed to x-ray or gamma radiation. The pocket sized unit has built in memory for recording data points for tracking accumulated exposure...more.

Arrowtech PEN Dosimeter

Direct Reading Dosimeters

The advanced PEN carbon fiber dosimeters are greatly improved over other dosimeters of this type. They measure and directly read, at any time, accumulated dose or quantity of gamma and x-ray exposure. The PEN dosimeters are hermetically sealed, immersion proof and designed to satisfy military specifications for the RADIAC METER IM-264/PD and ANSI N 13.5 and N322 requirements...more.

S.E. International Dosimeter Charger

The Charger

The patented, handheld dosimeter Charger can charge a variety of direct-reading dosimeters by simply squeezing the lever of a generator. The Charger requires no batteries. By pulling a trigger, a dosimeter is easily placed in or removed from the charger. The clamping action holds the dosimeter for you...more.

909 Dosimeter Charger

Model 909 Dosimeter Charger

The DCA Model 909 charging contact is spring-loaded and has a positive mechanical stop. The 909 dosimeter charger’s reading light reduces re-zeroing time and effort by eliminating the need to remove the dosimeter from the charger for reading. Simply view the scale while the dosimeter is resting lightly on the charger contact after rezeroing...more.


EagleEYE Personal Radiation Detector

The EagleEYE is our newest and most advanced PRD (Personal Radiation Detector). It utilizes a CsI detector for unmatched sensitivity. The EagleEye can communicate over RADConnect, a mesh type network used for remote viewing. The EagleEYE is equipped with an internal GPS so it can additionally report its longitude and latitude. The EagleEYE incorporates two user-friendly displays. The front display provides all data and editing parameters. A second, top mounted OLED displays the radiation level for viewing when worn on a belt or in a breast pocket.

NeutronRAE Neutron - Gamma Dosimeter

NeutronRAE II Gamma-Neutron Dosimeter - discontinued

Please see the NRF31. The NeutronRAE II is personal radiation detector that provides rapid detection of both gamma and neutron radiaton sources in robust environments.

DMC 2000s Electronic Dosimeter

DMC 2000s Digital Dosimeter

The DMC 2000S Electronic Dosimeter features flat energy response to X-rays and gamma fields from 60 keV to 6 MeV and linear response to dose rate fields of 1 mR/hr to 1000 R/hr. The unit’s top mounted LCD clearly displays either the accumulated dose or dose rate.

Rados ADR-1 Dosimeter Reader

ADR-1 Dosimeter Reader

(for Rados Rad-60 /Doseguard series) The ADR-1 Dosimeter reader head (including software) is also available for easily and rapidly changing the configuration of DoseGUARD dosimeters. The reader head can be connected to a PC via the serial port.

notes: A dosimeter is a device used to measure an individual's exposure to radiation in a hazardous environment. A personal radiation dosimeter is electronic or analog. . For recommendations pertaining to the personal dosimetry needs of your organization, consult a certified health physicist.

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