Medical Shielding

Mobile Shields for shielding personnel from x-ray radiation
Rolling Shields for personnel performing radiation therapy procedures
L-Block lead glass shields Designed for receiving and preparing unit doses of high-energy radio nuclides
Lead Acrylic clear acrylic shielding used for gamma and x-ray radiation
Leaded Glass commonly used in x-ray rooms
Gamma Waste Storage Boxes boxes provide excellent sample visibility while offering protection against low level gamma-emitters
Beta-gamma Bin 3/8 inch yellow acrylic outside, inside 1/4 inch clear acrylic beta box with 1/32 inch lead shielding
Lead glass shield bench top shield for higher energy lab isotopes
Radiation attenuation gloves (now lead free) Reduces radiation exposure 10-30% of attenuation at 60 keV to 125 keV.
Benchtop Shields- Gamma vertical and angled shields ranging from 0.5 to1.5 mm Pb equivalence
Lead Glasses to shield the eyes from gamma radiation, prescription and non-prescription are available
Lead aprons for x-ray technicians and patients
Lead vinyl
soft radiation shielding for gamma and x-ray radiation
LX-57B Lead Glass for x-ray and gamma radiation shielding
Radguard "Radiation Guard" Lead-lined underwear for brachytherapy patients (iodine seeds implanted in prostate cancer tumors)
Borated Polyethylene Neutron Shielding