Radiation Decay Drums

Lead-lined Steel Drums for Radioactive Waste Disposal

These drums provides safe handling and storage of radioactive waste material. The 15, 30, and 55 gallon standard "DOT 17H" drums are 4 pi lined with 0.125 inches or 0.25 inches of lead. The removable, overlapping top features a hinged cover over a 8 inch x 8 inch access hole. Solid covers are available as well. The outside is painted yellow with a radiation warning message.  Four wheel dollies are available at an additional cost. Unlined barrels are available with or without wheels.

Approximate Inner Dimensions

15 Gallon ID  12-7/8" Diameter x 22-1/2" tall
30 Gallon ID  17-1/2" Diameter  x 26-7/16" tall
55 Gallon ID  21-3/8" Diameter x 32-5/8" tall

    Hinge Solid




 DS15 15 gal Drum  1/8" lead    
 DS15 15 gal Drum  1/4" lead    
 DS15L Poly bag      
 DS35 30 gal Drum  1/8" lead    
 DS36 30 gal Drum  1/4" lead    
 DS35L Poly Bag, 4 mil x    
 DS-55 55 gal drum  1/8” lead    
 DS-56 55 gal drum  1/4” lead    
 DS-55L Drum liner, 4 ml  
 Dolly for 15 gal drum    
 Dolly for 30 gal drum    
 Dolly for 55 gal drum    


Click here for 6 mil bags

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