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Emergency Kits - Radiation Detection

525-ERK Kit by WB Johnson
525-ERK Nuclear Emergency Kit includes DSM-525 Digital Survey with pancake G-M detector, tissue equivalent scintillation detector, source, holder and waterproof Pelican Case. Lightweight DSM-525 Survey Meter features a slarge digital meter face and can be connected to two probes simultaneously.
525-ERK Kit by WB Johnson 525 ERK Plus Emergency Kit This Emergency Kit is basically the 525-ERK with the addition of a DoseRae 2 Digital, Alarming dosimeter. The dosimeter provides real-time monitoring of personal dose and dose rate. The real-time radiation dose rate monitoring allows immediate reaction in case of radiation occurrences and thus reduces the radiation exposure.
ERK-506 Kit by WB Johnson
ERK-506 Plus Emergency Response Kit comprises of a DSM-506 Digital Survey Meter with an internal GM detector, external pancake G-M probe, external plastic scintillation probe, digital dosimeter, cesium check source, and Pelican case.  It measures at the microR level, with a high range up to 2 R/hour. A digital, alarming dosimeter is included as well.
2241-2RK Emergency Response Kit
Model 2241-2RK Ludlum Emergency Kit The 2241-2RK Emergency Response kit includes a general purpose survey & gross counting meter with G-M detector, scintillation detector, with check source and holder. The pelicase is an air/water tight foam fitted case.

Portal Monitors

AM-801 Radiation Portal Monitor for emergency response: police, fire, and rescue
AM-801 Radiation portal monitor (with touch screen) new This portal monitor features a full color VGA touch screen. Plastic scintillation detectors cover four quadrants of the human body. Gamma and higher energy beta is detectable. Alarm rate is adjustable, but this portal monitor will detect a Cs-137 source as low as one micro curie. This portal monitor is recommended for homeland security operations.
Model 52-1 Radiation Portal Monitor for homeland security: police, fire and rescue
Model 52-1 Portal Monitor The 52-1 radiation portal monitor features plastic scintillation detectors that cover four quadrants of the human body. Gamma and higher energy beta is detectable. Alarm rate is adjustable.

Radiation Survey Meters

DSM-500-HP Digital Survey Meter with probe The DSM-500 auto- ranging, microprocessor-controlled survey meter includes a large, backlit digital LCD that automatically displays the correct reading with no user intervention required. The DSM-500 reads in CPM, CPS, R/hr and/or Sv/hr.
TBM-3SR survey meter emergency response
TBM-3SR Internal GM Survey Meter (recommended by the NFPA for fire trucks). This lightweight, analog survey meter contains an internal pancake G-M detector for general purpose survey of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. A sliding beta shield is included to help identify the type of radation emitted. This survey meter is used by fire brigades all over the world.
TBM-3R-SD Survey Meter emergency response

TBM-3SR-D This is the digital version of the TBM-3SR. It contaims the same internal G-M detector with sliding methacrylate beta shield (recommended by the NFPA for fire trucks)

Ludlum Model 3 with 44-9 for Emergency Response: Police, Fire, Rescue
Model 3 Survey Meter The Ludlum Model 3 Survey Meter is a basic survey meter that features manual ranging, four ranges, and compatibility with most common probes.


dosimeter rados 60 Emergency Response
Raddos Rad 60 Electronic Dosimeters The RADOS RAD-60 (also known as the Doseguard) electronic alarming dosimeter is a precise and reliable instrument for ensuring personal safety. The dosimeter measures a dose range from 1 uSv - 9.99 Sv or 0.1 mrem - 999 rem.


radiation decontaminatin kit for nuclear emergency

Rad-Con Radiation Decontamination Kits 15 gallon Steel Drum, disposable gloves, Tyvek Coveralls with hood, Half Face Respirators, Decon Gel, Liquid surface decon, Polyethylene bags, sponge Mop - Scrub brush, Plastic Pail, Absorbent Paper towels, Permanent Marking Pen, 500 Decon Cloth Swipes, Nip-tongs


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