Clipper HEPA Vacuum Cleaner for Cleanrooms

Removes Animal Hair and Dander

Animal clipper hepa vac, for sale animal hair clipper hepa vac for sterile cleanroom enviroment

The Clipper Vacuum is ideal for clipping animal hair in a laboratory and sterile surgical environment. Our Dander-Free Clipper System is appropriate for a high-grade class 100 clean room. This HEPA vacuum cleaner reduces free floating dander in your surgery or prep room. The shield mounts on your Oster A5 or Golden A5 clipper. This featureĀ eliminates blade overheatingĀ and reduces frequency of blade change. Animal hair and dander are suctioned away as soon as it is cut.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a paper bag and a cloth filter backed by a HEPA filter. This combination is 99.97% efficient to 0.3 microns. The exhaust to the room is only clean air.

Ordering Information

51490 Clipper Hepa Vaccum
51493 Replacment HEPA Filter
51492 Replacement Bag Filters, Pk/10
51494 Cloth Filter