TBM-IC-Pulse-X Ion Chamber

Fast Response, for Nano Second Pulse X-ray

First Ion Chamber with Pulse X-Ray capability

technical Associates TBM-IC-Pulse-X Ion chamber for measurement of pulse x-ray radiation

This TBM-IC-Pulse-X is useful in non-destructive testing or various industrial and medical applications where pulsed nano-second X-rays are present. The portable ion chamber is based on stable, mostly drift-free electrometer technology. This model is the only portable ion chamber available, that will detect nanosecond pulsed x-rays. It will accurately measure the integrated Total Dose from pulsed x-ray machines over a wide range of pulse widths and repetition rates. This monitor also measures low energies and short pulses that other survey meters ignore. Workers could be at risk if these energies are undetected.

TBM-IC-Pulse-X Specifications

The TBM-IC-Pulse-X features a 5 cm diameter air ion chamber fastened to a stable solid state MOSFET input electrometer with built in Analog to Digital converter. The unit displays in mR/h or total mR.

Rate range: 1 mR/h to 100 R/h in a single range.
Dose range: 0.001R - 100R in a single range. Other Ranges are also available.
Total Dose: 1 mR to 100 R in a single range (8 digits)
Dose Rate Range: 1 mR/hr to 10,000 mR/hr (6 digits) or 10 mR/h to 100,000 mR/h
Pulse Width Range: 20 nano-seconds to continuous emission
Repetition Rates: Single pulse to 1000/second and above
Wide Energy Range: 2 keV to 2.5 Mev
High Dose Limits: Per customer specification*. User should inform us of highest-expected: 10-second, total-dose exposure.
Detector: Sealed Air ion chamber 3'' dia. Internal volume 50 cc
Inside Wall: Plastic plus graphite lining
Cap: Removable protective cap
Window: 2.3” dia. x 0.5 mg/cm2 Kapton.

Readout: LCD 8 digits with backlight
Count Lamp: Green Flashing LED
Over-range: Red LED Indicator
Audio Alarm: User settable anywhere within TBM range
Electrometer: Solid State MOSFET input.
Electronics: Analog to Digital converter LCD drivers.
Batteries: NEDA 15A, 6 ea. (AA)– 200 hour life. NEDA CR-1220 - 7 years life.

Weight and Dimensions:
Dimensions: 5-1/2'' x 3-1/2'' x 8'' including handle.
Weight: 2.9 lbs. complete with batteries.


*Note: We also offer TBM Series ion chambers that measure up to 10 million R/hr

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