Adustable Rolling Radiation Shields

for Radiation Therapy

Adjustable Radiation Lead Shield for Radiation TherapyThe Adjustable Lead Shield is raised by easily rotating a hand crank which operates a screw jack (see picture). The shield is set in a metal frame and mounted on four casters that provide maximum mobility. Swivel and wheel locks on each caster provide a means of securing the shield in place.


Lead Size: 18" H x 36" W x 1" Thick

Bottom is adjustable 8"- 22" from floor, Top is adjustable from 26 " to 40" from floor

Under Bed Clearance: 8 inches

5 inch casters: Four swivel locking ball bearing for easy rolling

Finish: Durable tan textured polyurethane enamel paint

Weight: 500 lbs.

DS-1 Adjustable shield

Fixed Rolling Shields

for Radation Therapy

Rolling Radiation Lead Shield for Radiation Therapy

The Fixed Rolling shields have a 1" thick, 24"H x 36"W lead sheet which will reduce the dose from a cesium source by over 90%. The shield is mounted on a four 5" diameter swivel locking ball bearing casters which provide easy mobility.

DS-048 Fixed Rolling shield, 48" high x 40"L x 24"W

DS-054 Fixed Rolling shield, 52" high x 40"L x 24"W


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