CAM-33 Series Air Monitors

For Alpha, Beta, Gamma Particulates

Monitors Noble Gas and Iodine

CAM-33 Series Air Monitors by TA

The CAM-33 Series consists of two to six channel air monitors for simultaneous, continuous measurement of Gamma Particulates, Gross Beta with Gamma Particulates, Noble gaseous radioactivity, and Iodine. Batch sampling or dual sampling for continuous sampling during the course of an accident are options available with the Cam Series.

cam-33 air monitor processes
Cam-33 Designations
  Cam-33-2 Cam-33-3 Cam-33-4 Cam-33-6 Cam-3XG
Channels Two Three Four Six Three
Activity Detected Gamma- Particulate, Noble Gas Beta-Gamma Particulate, Iodine, Noble Gas Beta-Gamma Particulate, Iodine, Noble Gas, Alpa Particulate Beta-Gamma Particulate, Iodine, Noble Gas, Alpa Particulate, Tritium, Carbon-14 Noble Gases: Low, Medium and High Energies
Standard Detectors
Activity Detected Gamma Particulate Beta-Gamma Particulate Iodine Noble Gas
Filters 2 in. diameter 2 in. diameter 2.5  in. dia x 1 in. thick One Liter Chamber
Filter Type Glass Fiber Glass Fiber TEDA Activated Charcoal Stainless Steel Lined
Energy Range HPGe
50 keV - 3 MeV
  60 keV - 3 MeV (7 MeV optional) 0.03 MeV - 3 MeV (7 MeV optional)
Optional Detectors
Activity Detected Gamma Particulate Alpha Particulate Organic Carbon 14 Tritium 
Detector Type HPGe 2 in. diameter 2.5 in. diameter Dual Ion Chamber
Filter Type Glass Fiber Glass Fiber TEDA Activated Charcoal Stainless Steel Lined
Resolution < 0.5% FWHM @ 662 KeV      

Cam-33 Series Detectors

Particulate Beta-Gamma: 2 inch diameter G-M or optional proportional detector (1 each), Optional HpGe electrically cooled

Iodine: 2 in. diameter x 2 in. length Na(TI), Model PGS-3LI, Spectroscopic Grade (1 each)

Gas Standard: 2 inch diameter GM (2 each)

Noble Gas Curie MeV: 2. in diameter x 2  in. length Na(TI), Model PGS-3LI, Spectroscopic Grade

Background Shielding: 3 inch lead, 4 pi

Crosstalk Shielding: 1 inch placed between adjacent detectors

Detector Sensitivity: Monitor is sensitive on all channels by factors of 5 to 500 than is required by the USNRC

Calibration: Follow on-screen instructions for user-assisted automatic calibration

Decontamination: Shields are straight-through bore with stainless steel liner for easy decontamination.

Temperature Range: -5 deg C to 55 deg C

Detector 1 Minute 1 Hour 10 Hours 24 Hours 1 Week
Beta-Gamma Particulate 6x10-10 µCi/ml 1x10-11 µCi/ml 1x10-12 µCi/ml 6x10-13 µCi/ml 1x10-13 µCi/ml
Iodine 3x10-9 µCi/ml 1x10-11 µCi/ml 1x10-12 µCi/ml 6x10-13 µCi/ml 1x10-13 µCi/ml
Gas Standard Range 6x10-7 µCi/ml 1x10-7 µCi/ml 2.7x10-8 µCi/ml 1x10-8 µCi/ml 2.7x10-9 µCi/ml

Cam-33 Display Mode

Display Screens

Airborn Activity Chemical Form Total-6-TCI-H3 Total-6-TCO-H3 Total-6-TC-H3 Cam-33-3-1P Cam-33-3 Cam-33-4 Cam-33-6 Cam-3-XG
Tritium H3 T2, HTO, T2O Yes Yes Yes OP No OP Yes Op
Carbon-14 Organic  CO2 Yes    Yes  OP      OP  OP
Carbon-14 Inorganic Various   Yes  OP       Yes OP
Particulate Alpha       Yes OP OP OP  OP
Particulate Beta       Yes Yes Yes Yes OP
Iodine       OP Yes Yes Yes Yes OP
Noble Gas, Gross       Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Noble Gas, Curie, MeV                 Yes
Argon       OP       OP Yes
Xenon       OP       OP Yes
Krypton       OP       OP Yes
Radon   RX RX RX       OP-RX  

Chart Key

Yes = Measures Separtely
Total-6-TCI-H3 = Tritium with Inorganic Carbon-14
Total-6-TCO-H3 = Tritium with Organic Carbon-14
Note: Models Total-6-TCI-H3 and Total-6-TCO-H3 work best if no other nuclides are present.

CAM-33 Electronics Series: CAM-33-2, CAM-33-3, CAM-33-4, CAM-33-6, CAM-3XG

High Voltage Supply: Separately variable from 0 to 2000 VDC at 200 ua on scintillation or proportional channels
LCD Color Monitor: 17 in. monitor; real time and accumulated dose for all channels
Accuracy: +/- 10% except for resolution loss and statistical variation
Alarms: Alarms are user-adjustable to any set point; User may set additional alarm setpoints with relay outputs
Low Level Alarm: Automatic Reset
High Level Alarm: High Alarm remains activated until Reset control is pushed
Alarm Indicator Lights: Red-High level; Amber-Low level for each channel with more indicators displayed on LCD Monitor
Audio: 1000 Hz greater than 80 dB
Outputs: Alarm Condition Outputs: Logic Level Signal and Contact Closure or Opening
Standard Installation: Shielded heavy gauge steel, skid or caster mounted 4 five inch ball bearing casters. Two of these are full 360 degree swiveling.
Special Safety: Loss of system vacuum air flow alarm and relay switch closure. Loss of signal alarm. All system circuits fused.
Power: 120 VAC -220 VAC; optional 50/60 Hz
Features: Thermal protection on motor. Positive Displacement Pump.

Electronic System Description

Electronics are plug-in modules. This allows quick-change or addition of function, as needed while facilitating rapid repair by substitution of modules in the field. The modular system is covered by exchange warranty, in addition to the full one-year warranty

Air Moving System

The air moving system is based on a high-capacity oil-less air pump capable of delivering 120 lpm (4cfm) free air and including real time flow rate measurement and data analysis.

Air Pump: Extremely rugged continuous duty
Pumping System: Oil-less Pump noise is reduced by heavy duty internal muffler
Pump Motor: 3/4 Horsepower, 50/60 Hz capacitor start, induction run
Flow Control: Flow Regulator Controls the flow from 0-4 cfm, +/- 0.2 cfm
Flow Rate: Factory setting is at 4 cfm. Mass flowmeter with pressure transducer which feeds Real-Time data to CAM-33 software.
User Settable Flowrate: On screen Flow Rate Display 0 to 4 or 0-120 lpm
Inlet and Outlet: 20 foot 3/4 in. hose inlet: 6 meter 2.5 cm I.D; 20 foot 1 in.  hose outlet. May be extended

Weight, Dimension, Shipping

Dimensions: 29 in. wide x 31 in  deep x 41 in. high - exclusive of casters.
Weight: 1800 lbs. (Lighter weight model available with 1 in. background shielding. See CAM-33-1P) 1100 lbs. CAM-33-2 (2 Channels)
Shipping Weight: 1900 lbs.

System Options

Cam-33 User Manual