FML-9W-GM Radiation Area Monitor

Wide Range Beta Gamma Area Monitor

FML-9W-G-M wide range beta gamma area monitor, for high rrang radiation

Ideal for monitoring nuclear reactors, hot cells, and irradiators

The FML-9W-GM integrates a digital alarm ratemeter, power supply, alarm, amplifier, choice of rack or case, and reliable radiation detector. The unit features plug-in modular construction which allows additional channels and functions to be added. GM detectors and circuit design prevent the system readings from falling, even in extremely high fields. Front panel controls allow the alarm set point to be displayed. Alarm activation produces flashing red light on front panel and piercing intermittent 2000Hz tone. An optional  relay can be closed open for activation of remote alarms. An optional: stand-by battery power available, as well.

FML-9W-GM Specifciations

Range: 4 decade dynamic range 0.1 mR/hr to 1 R/hr  (an artificial background supplied by internal radiation source in probe)  Other ranges available to 1,000 R/hr or down to 0.01 mR/hr.
Accuracy: +/- 10% of decade
Detector: Energy compensated halogen quenched GM detectors, in ruggedized probe with internal radiation source. Supplied with 8ft cable. Optional: Up to 500ft. of cable.
Optional: High range systems utiilze high-range GM detectors. Supplied with 8 ft. cable
Optional: Up to 500 feet of cable.
Anti-Saturation: Circuity is incorporated to prevent readings from falling below full scale in over range conditions, tested to 1,000 R/hr.
High Voltage Output: 0 to +1500V at 200 A, continuously adjustable.
Energy Dependence: 20% from 100 KeV to 1.2 MeV.
Temperature: Operating range between -30 deg C and 50 deg C; drift less than 17% per degree C at room temperature. 0-95% humidity non-condensing.
Data Output: RS-232 or Ethernet
Front Panel Controls: Alarm Level Set, Display Alarm Set Point, Alarm Reset Pushbutton Power On-Off, Switch
Alarms: Alarm level is adjustable over entire range. Alarm indicators include flashing red light and beeper.
Power: 105-125 V (or 200-240 V), 50-60 Hz. Optional 12 Volt operation. Optional standby batteries, normally under continuous charge, automatically provide power for one week in event of AC power failure.
Mounting: Electronics are normally furnished in FM-9 case but can be furnished uncased with mounting bars for rack or a NEMA-4 hostile environment cabinet.

  1. Multiple channel systems
  2. Solenoid activated check source for system calibration.
  3. Remote alarm-Audio / Visual
  4. Remote meter readout with alarm.
  5. Cable to 500 feet.