Model TBM-3SR-D Internal Pancake G-M Radiation Detector

Digital display with Beta Slide Window

This is the digital version of the TBM-3 series. The unit features an internal, two inch pancake G-M detector, a sliding methacrylate beta shield, and digital auto-ranging display. The meter displays in mR/hr or cpm (counts per minute). The thin window of the Geiger-Mueller tube is recessed and protected by sturdy grill. The TBM-3SR-D Radiation Detector will detect alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. This survey meter is ideal for radiation protection in any facility that utilizes radioactive material. It is useful for frisking body parts, tools, and equipment. It is also used for finding lost radioactive sources and spills.

The TBM-3R-SD is recommended for emergency response, and customs personnel. The unit can be used to frisk people, luggage and cargo.The digital display is useful for emergency response personnel who do not have time to decipher analog readings.

Image TBM-3SR-D BottomImage TBM-3SR-D Meter

TBM-3SR-D Digital Survey Meter (Shown With Sliding Beta Shield)


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