Radiation Hazard Warning Rope

radiation hazard warning rope, yellow and magenta

The rope consists of triple-strand polypropylene (two yellow strands, 1 magenta or black strand). The rope is rugged, lightweight, and floats in water. It is sold in 100 foot and 600 foot lengths.

Barricade tape - 5/16 in x 100 feet polybraid, yellow and magenta (or black).

Model Color Price
16AWR100X Rope 100-600 feet Yellow / Magenta $0.50/ft.
16AWR600X Rope 600 foot roll Yellow / Magenta $85.00/roll Order Online
16AWR100BY Rope 100-600 feet Yellow / Black $0.50/ft.
16AWR600BY Rope 600 foot roll Yellow / Black $85.00/roll