Gamma - Waste Work - Storage Boxes

For Low Level Gamma Waste

Ideal for Iodine-125

PBA-05-E Gamma Waste Storage BoxesPBA-05E

PBA-05-F gamma waste boxesPBA-05F

PBA-05-G gamma waste boxesPBA-05G

Fabricated from 1/2 inch leaded acrylic (0.5 mm lead equivalence), these boxes provide excellent sample visibility while offering protection against low level gamma-emitters (I-125) Iodine. Available in either clear acrylic for beta emitters or the new beta/gamma combination acrylic for both P-32 & I-125.Both benchtop and floor models available. We welcome your plastic or Clear PB special requests.PBA-05G

Model Dimensions
DSPBA-05E 7-1/2 in x 5 in x 3 in (OD)
DSPBA-05F 12 in x 7-1/2 in x 6 in (OD)
DSPBA-05G 6 in x 6 in x 7 in (OD)