Lead Aprons for Personal X-ray shielding


For Men and Women

X-ray Lead Aprons for sale

The body hugging design of the ComfortLiteâ„¢ Waist Adjustable Apron transfers most weight from shoulders to hips, increasing comfort and decreasing fatigue normally associated with long procedures. Velcro closures provide easy on and off convenience. Elastic back sections provide added support. Breast or hip pocket provides added convenience. Available in 0.35mm or 0.5mm lead equivalence, or lead free upon request. Please specify size and style (male / female pattern) when ordering. Protective aprons are intended to augment other shielding devices, and should be used in addition to standard radiation safety equipment.

Lead Apron Specifications and Options

Materials: X-Ban Super-LightWeight, X-Ban Lead-free
Fabric: Comfort Premium or Standard Nylon
Lead Equivalence: 0.35 mm or 0.5 mm
Gender: Male or Female
Assorted Colors and Patterns