Flood Sources, COBALT-57

Flood Sources for Nuclear Medical Imaging

We provide highly uniform Cobalt-57 (Co-57) Flood Sources for quality control of gamma imaging cameras. NASI Co-57 Flood Sources are available in standard and custom configurations in a wide range of activity levels. Many of our circular and rectangular flood sources are in stock and ready for fast delivery. Each new flood source is supplied with a durable, fully shielded storage case.

Co-57 Flood Sources
Available Activity Levels
5 mCi, 10 mCi, 15 mCi, & 20 mCi.

Model No. Configuration Active Diameter Overall Diameter
MED3705 Circular 14" 15"
MED3700 Circular 14" 16.5"
MED3706 Circular 18.5" 20"
MED3701 Circular 18.5" 21"
MED3707 Circular 20" 21"
MED3708 Circular 24" 25"
MED3704 Circular 24" 26.5"
MED3713 Rectangular 14" x 18" 15.5"x 19.5"
MED3702 Rectangular
16.5" x 24" 18.25" x 28"
MED3709 Rectangular 16.5" x 24" 17.9" x 25.2"
MED3715 Rectangular 8.22" x 14.25" 8.46" x 14.49"


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