Multichannel Analyzers (MCA)

Gamma Spectroscopy / Isotope Indentification

ICS-PCI MCA-based Spectroscopy System for PC

ICS-PCI MCA system / gamma spectroscoypy, isotope identificaton The ICS-PCI system utilizes a PCI card for the multichannel analyzer and is available as 1024, 2048 and 4096 channel versions for Windows 98 and higher.

UCS-30 MCA-based Spectroscopy System for PC and MAC

UCS-30 Advanced Spectrometer System by Spectrum Techniques The UCS-30 is an external MCA interfacing through the computer USB port. This is designed for newer computers supporting USB and lacking an available ISA or PCI slot for a plug-in card. It is also for people who do not want to open their computer to install a plug-in card. System Software is provided for Windows and Macintosh.

URSA II Multichannel Analyzer

URSA II MCA - Multichannel Analzer, Isotope Indentification The URSA II is a 4096 channel MCA, software is included. Just add your own computer and the detector of your choice. Sophisticated multiple alarm functions can be based on the overall count rate or individual ROIs, and can be based on exceeding a specific rate or an increase in rate over a specific time interval.

Model 7010 Rainbow Multichannel Analyzer

Rainbow MCA - Multichannel Analzyer, gamma spectroscopy The Model 7010 "Rainbow" Multi-Channel Analyzer is a low cost, portable, self-contained MCA. The Model 710 can be used in the field or the lab for routine and emergency measurements. It includes1024 channels, dead time correction, digital gain, expanded scales, and built-in memory storage. The 7010 Rainbow MCA is recommended for experienced physcists who are able to recognize the isotope by observing the energy peaks.


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