Pug-7ND Neutron Scintillation Detector, Digital

For Fast and Slow Neutron Detection

Technical Associates Pug-7-ND

The PUG-7N-D is a complete, fast-slow neutron monitoring system. It features the PRS-7, five- decade survey meter with attached detection system: the MO-1 Moderator, and the PNS-20 Neutron Probe. The PUG-7N-D System, or ``Neutron PUG'' detects fast or slow neutrons by means of a thermal neutron scintillation detector and a moderator. When the detector (PNS-20) is external to the moderator, thermal neutrons are detected and measured by means of counts produced in the scintillator as read on the meter of the PRS-7 instrument. The polyethylene moderator is surrounded by a cadmium shield. The cadmium shield absorbs thermal neutrons and allows fast neutrons to enter the moderator. The moderator ``thermalizes'' the entering neutrons thus allowing them to interface with the scintillator. When the thermal neutron detector is within the moderator, thermal neutrons are excluded by the cadmium layers and the detector measures only fast neutrons which have entered the moderator and been ``thermalized''. Direct measurement of thermal neutrons is available due to the removable detector inside the housing.

This neutron monitor is ideal for nuclear reactors, accelerators, neutron sources, neutron generators, customs inspection, and other uses.  PUG-7-ND User Manual

PUG-7N-D Specifications

Neutron radiation detectorSensitivity: Range is 1 to 10,000 cps. Detection system includes PNS-20 plus moderator with polyethylene inner sleeve and cadmium outer shield.
Type: Portable - Survey Meter used with moderator and probe.
Principle of Operation:
Boron-10 in ZnS (Ag) scintillator matrix (Neutron, Alpha reaction)
and photomultiplier tube, polyethylene moderator.
Epithermal to fast (Probe in moderator) Thermal (Probe removed from moderator)
One Hand Operation; Built-In Speaker; Rugged; Lightweight
Probe Size:
(PNS-20) 2'' diameter x 8'' L
Moderator Size:
(MO-1) Approximately 5'' diameter x 6'' L
Total Weight:
8-3/4 pounds
Overall Dimensions:
10.25'' L x 10'' H x 6'' W, including handle
(6) AA batteries.
Sensitivity Ranges:
1 to 10,000 cps (600,000), Corresponds with 0-8; 80; 800; 8,000 thermal neutrons/cm2/sec. (Nominal)
Gamma Rejection:
Insensitive to Gamma in field up to 1R/hr.
Other Probes:
Any Alpha, Beta or Gamma probes of the P and PS series can be used with this electronics by unplugging and plugging in their BNC connector and cable.