ST365 Well Counter System

Radiation Counter, Software with Well Scintillation Detector

Ideal for Nuclear Medicine

ST365B radiation counter with well scintillation probe

This system pairs the ST365B Radiation Counter with the SP78W scintillation well detector. The system is recommended for nuclear medicine. The system interfaces with the STU software, offering a computer display of real time counts, scalar function, logging and graphing. The STU Android app is available as well. The included Cs-137 test tube source is useful for checking the operation of the system.

ST365B Radiation Counter

st365b radiation counter

The ST365B Wireless Radiation Counter can interface with Geiger-Mueller detectors and scintillation detectors. Enhanced wireless connectivity allows easy communication with software and Android. The ST365B is ideal for educational and industrial use.

Well Detector Assembly

SP78-W well detector assembly

The SP78W, scintillation well detector includes our SD78W, NaI(Tl) scintillation well detector, TS78-1 vertical stand.

Test Tube Source

Radioactive check source for well detectors, beta and gamma radiation

The Cs-137 test tube source constructed using a capped 12 mm x 75 mm polypropylene tube. The Cs-137 material is deposited in the bottom of the tube and sealed using epoxy.

STU Software

STU software used with the ST365B ratemeter

When using with a computer or app, the ST365 is controlled using Spectrum Techniques’ new STU software.

ST365B Radaition Counter Specifications

Inputs: BNC connector – connects to standard Geiger tubes; MHV connector – connects to scintillation detectors.
High voltage: 0 to +1200 volts, selectable in 10 volt increments.
Display: 16 Character LCD, Back light Alpha Numeric; mode LEDs
Modes: Counts; Elapsed Time; Preset Time; Count Rate (cpm or cps); High Voltage Level
Control: USB 2.0, LAN, and WiFi for both PC and Mac. WiFi Direct for Smart Phone
Power: AC adapter, 9 volt DC, at 1200 mA
Dimensions: 9 in. W, x 6.75 in D, x 3 in H
Software: Spectrum Techniques Ultra software for Windows and Mac, Spectrum Techniques Ultra Mobile for Android devices.

System Components

ST365B: ST365B Radiation Counter
USB: USB cable (6 ft.)
SP78W1: Complete well detector assembly, single wire connection
CS137TS.1: Cs-137 test tube source, 0.1 μCi (3.7 kBq) +/- 10%

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