Lead Blankets

Industrial Gamma Shielding

Lead blankets for industrial radiation shielding of gamma radiation

We provide lead wool blankets for the nuclear industry. Our lead blankets are used mostly for radiation shielding. These lead blankets are made with high quality lead wool to QC-C040 Type II Grade C is oriented and machine compacted to the required density for consistent attenuation. Inner covers are fabricated from our nuclear grade Pacifictex, 10 oz material. The lead cake is quilted to the inner cover to ensure no shifting of the lead occurs when the blankets are draped or hung. Outer covers are fabricated from our nuclear grade and ANI approved Pacifictex 18 oz. materials.  The periphery is electronically welded and provided with #5 brass grommets 5/8" I.D. as needed . Special requests welcome. Custom racks fabricated to your specifications.

Dimensions given are for the size of the lead wool "cake". The stitched and grommeted border is an additional 2" on each side and end of the lead blanket. The mass equivalent of the lead wool blanket and approximate dose rate reduction of the lead blanket is listed in the following tables below.

 Lead blanket cross section

Lead Blankets, 10 lbs/sq.ft.

Model Size Weight
DS-LB-102-10 1 ft x 2 ft 20 lbs
DS-LB-103-10 1 ft x 3 ft 30 lbs
DS-LB-104-10 1 ft x 4 ft 20 lbs
DS-LB-105-10 1 ft x 5 ft 50 lbs.
DS-LB-106-10 1 ft x 6 ft 60 lbs.


Lead Blankets, 15 lbs/sq.ft.

Model Size Weight
DS-LB-102-15 1 ft x 2 ft 30 lbs.
DS-LB-103-15 1 ft x 3 ft 45 lbs.
DS-LB-104-15 1 ft x 4 ft 60 lbs.
DS-LB-105-15 1 ft x 5 ft 75 lbs.
DS-LB-106-15 1 ft x 6 ft 90 lbs.


Lead Blankets, 20 lbs/sq.ft.

Model Size Weight
DS-LB-103-20 1 ft x 3 ft 60 lbs.
DS-LB-104-20 1 ft x 4 ft 80 lbs.
DS-LB-105-20 1 ft x 5 ft 100 lbs.
DS-LB-106-20 1 ft x 6 ft 120 lbs.


Lead Blankets, 25 lbs/sq.ft.

Model Size Weight
DS-LB-102-25 1 ft x 2 ft 50 lbs.
DS-LB-103-25 1 ft x 3 ft' 75 lbs.
DS-LB-104-25 1 ft x 4 ft 100 lbs.


Lead Blankets, 30 lbs/sq.ft.

Model Size Weight
DS-LB-102-30 1 ft x 2 ft 60 lbs.
DS-LB-103-30 1 ft x 3 ft 90 lbs.
DS-LB-104-30 1 ft x 4 ft 120 lbs.


For custom-made racks for hanging lead blankets, contact us.