Lead Sheets

For Gamma and X-Ray Shielding

Lead sheeting for radiation shielding

Our lead sheeting is 99.99% pure lead. Custom cutting, welding and fabrication are available. Lead sheets are sold in sizes listed below, but also available in 4'x 8', and on sheet rock or plywood. This lead sheeting is used primarialy in medical radiation construction, for lining on walls, doors and frames. It serves to protect medical personnel from gamma and X-ray radiation.

Model Weight Size Thickness
DSS-64-32 32 lbs. 4 ft x 8 ft 1/64 in
DSS-32-16 32 lbs 2 ft x 8 ft 1/32 in
DSS-16-16 64 lbs 2 ft x 8 ft 1/16 in
DSS-08-16 128 lbs 2 ft x 8 ft 1/8 in