Model NRF50 Electronic Personal Dosimeter

WiFi-Enabled, Oversized Digital Display

NRF50 Electronic Dosimeter by Fuji ElectronicsFor X-ray and Gamma Radiation, Personnel Monitoring

This EPD utilizes Wi-Fi for remote monitoring systems. An easy connection to computer via Bluetooth allows users to continuously monitor personal dose, high stress work enviroments. The dosimeter features a large visual display for convenient viewing and a red emergency call control to notify safety management personnel of emergency incidents.

The NRF50 Electronic Dosimeters offer a modern alternative to traditional electronic dosimetry in nuclear facilities. By providing real-time dose monitoring and the latest, innovative technology, users have amazing communication capabilities and are able to make immediate adjustments to reduce their exposure and minimize health risks.

NRF50 Dosimeter (Order online)

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Dimensions 60 x 105 x 29mm (2.36 x 4.13 x 1.14in)
Weight 170g approximately (with battery and clip)(0.37lb approx.)
Radiation Measured X-rays and Gamma Radiation Hp(10)
Detector Silicon semiconductor
Measurement Range Dose : 1μSv to 10Sv (0.1mrem to 1000rem)
Dose rate : 0.1μSv/h to 10Sv/h (0.01mrem/h to 1000rem/h )
Display Range Dose : 1μSv to 10Sv (0.1mrem to 1000rem)
Dose rate 1μSv/h to 10Sv/h (0.1mrem/h to 1000rem/h)
Energy Response ± 20% (50keV to 6MeV)
Angular Response ± 20% (137Cs, 0 to 75°) , ± 50% ( 241Am, 0 to 75°)
Accuracy ± 10% (tested with Cs-137)
Dose Rate Linearity ± 10% (137Cs)
Display Dot LCD (128 x 48 dot) View area 43.5 x 16.3mm
(1.71 x 0.64inch) with 3color backlight (white,red,orange)
LED Flash LED x 3 (red) Auxiliary LED x 3 (red, green, orange)
Buzzer Piezoelectric buzzer (90 to 100 dB at 30cm)
Communication Electromagnetic induction, Infrared, USB, Bluetooth
900 MHz radio or Wi-Fi (selectable)
Data Storage Trend Data (Historical data) : Up to 4000 data ( Date/time, Dose, Dose rate, Status)
Entry/Exit data : Up to 1000 data
Battery Primary, AA(LR6) battery x 2
Battery Life Continuous use 2500 hours (without alarm / communication)
Operating Temperature - 10℃ to 50℃ (14°F to 122°F)
Operating Humidity Up to 95%RH
Water Proof IP65/67
Electromagnetic Spec Compliant with MIL-STD-461F
Standard Compliant with IEC61526 and ANSI N42.20

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