Dose I -Electronic Personal Dosimeter

Small and Lightweight Electronic Personal Dosimeter

Dose-i Electronic Dosimeter (Order Online)

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1. Type: DOSEi-γ for gamma (X) rays

2. Detector: Silicon semiconductor detector

3. Radiation Detected: Detected Gamma (X) rays

4. Display Range:

0.001 mSv to 999.9 mSv0.1 mrem to 99.99 rem
0.001 mSv/h to 999.9 mSv/h 0.1 mrem/h to 99.99 rem/h

5.Accuracy: ≤ ±10% (0.01 to 999.9 mSv, 137Cs ref.) / ≤ ±10 % (1.0 mrem to 99.99 rem, 137Cs ref.)

6. Linearity of doseequivalent rate: ≤ ±10 % (up to 100 mSv/h) / ≤ ±10 % (up to 10 rem/h)

7. Energy Range: 35 keV to 3 MeV

8. Display: 4 digit liquid display (0.001 to 9999), switching and indicating function of dose rate low battery indication, overflow indication when exceeding measurement range

9. Alarm Setting

Settable for every 1 mrem, 1 mrem/h (setting with software)
Settable for every 0.01 mSv, 0.01 mSv/h (setting with software)

10. Alarm Output: Alarm sound (large, medium, small, OFF sound volume settable), alarm lamp blinking

11. Data Storage: Up to 600 trend data records (for only gamma rays)*, with non-volatile memory

12. Test Function: When switch is ON, operation check is available with alarm output and liquid display

13. Operating Humidity: ≤ 90 % RH (non condensing)

14. Power Source: Coin-type lithium battery (CR2450)

15. Battery Life: 720 hours or more (without alarm indication)

16. Size

Approx. 30 (W) x 110 (H) x 12 (D) mm
Approx. 1.8 (W) x 4.3 (H) x 0.47 (D) in.

17. Mass: Approx. 60 g / Approx. 0.13 lb

18. Communication: Infrared communication (communication cable and software are optional)

19. Other: Water resistant (JIS protection grade 4), noise resistant (mobile phones ,etc.)

*Utilizing trend function requires infrared communication cable and software (optional).

CAUTION: Read the instruction manual provided before using this product, to make sure you operate it safely.

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