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Fuji NSN3 Neutron Survey Meter
Model NSN3 Portable Neutron Detector The NSN3 offers a wide range of detection of thermal and fast neutrons with an energy range up to 15MeV. The NSN3’s Detection Principles Proportional Gas Counter consists of an organic gas mixture of methane and nitrogen gas. Fast neutrons are detected by the elastic scattering reaction of hydrogen from the methane gas.

Pug-7N Neutron Detector

 Model Pug 7N Fast-Slow Neutron Monitor The Analog Neutron PUG-7N detects fast or slow neutrons by means of a thermal neutron scintillation detector and a moderator.
Pug-7N-D Digtal fast, slow neutron Detector  Model Pug 7N-D Fast-Slow Neutron Monitor The Digital Neutron PUG-7N detects fast or slow neutrons by means of a thermal neutron scintillation detector and a moderator.

Pug-7 survey meter with fast neutron probe by TA

 Model Pug 7 with Fast Neutron Detector Fast Neutron Scintillation Probe insensitive to gamma radiation in fields below 100 R/hr. The n-p reaction is used to measure energy deposited by neutrons.
Pug-7 survey meter with slow neutron probe by TA
 Model Pug 7 with Slow Neutron Detector Thermal neutrons are detected by means of the boron n-alpha reaction. Probe delivers approximately 60 cpm per neutron/cm2/second and requires a 900 volt supply.
NRF-31 neutron gamma dosimeter by fuji electronics The NRF31 Electronic Personal Dosimeter displays personal dose equivalent of neutron and gamma radiation in dose and dose rate. This EPD features digital display and audible alarm. The user sets alarm threshholds for dose and dose rate by means of the NRZ software and reader
NeutronRAE II Gamma-Neutron Dosimeter
Neutron RAE II Gamma-Neutron Dosimeter - Discontinued The NeutronRAE II is personal radiation detector that provides rapid detection of both gamma and neutron radiaton sources in robust environments. The NRF-31 Gamma, Neutron Dosimeter is a noteworthy substitute.



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