ST365B Radiation Counter

Wireless: USB, Ethernet, and WiFi

ST365B wireless radiation counter by spectrum techniques

Featuring STU Software, and Android App

The ST365B Wireless Radiation Counter is available with a 16 character, backlit LCD screen. The system can interface with Geiger-Mueller detectors and scintillation detectors. Enhanced wireless connectivity allows easy communication with software and Android. The ST365B is ideal for educational and industrial use.

Inputs: BNC connector – connects to standard Geiger tubes; MHV connector – connects to scintillation detectors.
High voltage: 0 to +1200 volts, selectable in 10 volt increments.
Display: 16 Character LCD, Back light Alpha Numeric; mode LEDs
Modes: Counts; Elapsed Time; Preset Time; Count Rate (cpm or cps); High Voltage Level
Control: USB 2.0, LAN, and WiFi for both PC and Mac. WiFi Direct for Smart Phone
Power: AC adapter, 9 volt DC, at 1200 mA
Dimensions: 9 in. W, x 6.75 in D, x 3 in H
Software: Spectrum Techniques Ultra software for Windows and Mac, Spectrum Techniques Ultra Mobile for Android devices.

STU software for ST365B Radiation Counter

Complete System: ST365B Radiation Counter with NaI Well Detector