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ST-360W Scaler Well Counter for nuclear medicine


Well Scintillation Counter

Our new lightweight digital scaler, the ST-360W, is connected to the the SP78W-1 well scintillation detector. The unit features a large, 6-digit LED display with selection for counts, time, count rate, high voltage or alarm level. This system is recommended for nuclear medicine.

CRC-25R dose calibrator nuclear medicine

CRC-25R Dose Calibrator

The CRC-25R is designed to meet nuclear medicine requirements with accuracy and ease of operation Features include USB/PC Communications and printer capability, a SD flash card software upgrade, a chamber plug-and-play feature and expanded remote capabilities. The space efficient design of the CRC-25R allows for a large, easy-to-read display that indicates Nuclide Name, Number, Activity, Unit of Measure and Calibration Number.

Flood Source for Gamma Imaging, Nuclear Medicine


Flood Sources

Highly uniform Cobalt-57 (Co-57) Flood Sources for quality control of gamma imaging cameras. Flood Sources are available in standard and custom configurations in a wide range of activity levels. Many of our circular and rectangular flood sources are in stock and ready for fast delivery. Each new flood source is supplied with a durable, fully shielded storage case.

Rainbow Multi-channel AnalyzerforNuclear Medicine


Rainbow MCA

The Model 7000 "Rainbow" Multi-Channel Analyzer is a low cost, portable, self-contained MCA. This unit features 1024 channels, dead time correction, digital gain, expanded scales, and built in memory storage.

DSM-506 Digital Survey Meter for Nuclear Medicine

New DSM-506 Digital Survey Meter

The DSM-506 Survey Meter is our newest model recommended for nuclear medicine applications. Features inlcude: a large digital LCD display, auto-ranging, and scaler function. This microprocessor-controlled instrument utilzes in an external probe and an internal probe for high range. The user can switch units: Cpm, Cps, R/hr and Sv/hr without recalibration.The DSM-506 supports several different probes.

Model 14C radiation survey meter for nuclear medicine


Model 14C Survey Meter

This meter is designed to meet nuclear medicine requirements. It is used in universities, power plants and regulatory facilities. This five range survey meter consists of one internal GM detector for gamma detection from 0-2000 mR/hr. It can be used with one or more external GM or scintillation detectors for alpha, beta, or gamma detection.

TBM-15 Survey Meter for Nuclear Medicine


Model TBM-15 Survey Meter

The Model TBM-15 is an ideal survey meter for nuclear medicine applications. The survey meter features a pancake G-M detector and internal high range G-M probe. The five ranges include 0-0.2, 2, 20, 200, 2000 mR/h. The Model TBM-15 measures alpha, beta and gamma an the three most sensitive ranges.

thyroid collimator nuclear medicine

Inexpensive Thyroid Uptake System

This system consists of an MCA, a two inch NaI Scintillation detector with thyroid collimator and stand. The system is easy-to-use and cost effective. Other configurations are available.

lead lined drum nuclear medicine

Nuclear Waste Decay Drums

Lead-lined containers and drums sufficient to store high-energy radio pharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine.The Shielded Decay Drum provides safe handling and storage of radioactive waste material. An optional top-loading, sliding port is available for fast, safe access.

stainless steel L block shield nuclear medicine

L Block Shields

Designed for receiving and preparing unit doses of high-energy radio nuclides used in nuclear medicine, These L-Blocks provide lead shielding in front, and in the base.

PET Cabinet fornuclear medicine

PET Cabinet

This compact PET unit dose cabinet accommodates a Compact L-Block Shield with Built-in Dose Calibrator Shield, a PET Sharps Container Shield, a Lead Brick Cave, and a Dose Calibrator.

PET cabinet for Nuclear Medicine Hotlab

PET Table

Compact PET Unit Dose Table includes Compact L-Block with Built-in Dose Calibrator Shield and a Sharps Container Shield.

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