DSM-500 Survey Meter

Digital Ratemeter for Radiation Detection

Compatible with G-M, NaI Scintillation, Plastic Scintillation, and Alpha Scintillation Detectors


Johnson Nuclear DSM-500 Digital Survey Meter

The DSM-500 microprocessor-controlled survey meter represents is our newest line of digital survey meters. The DSM-500 includes a large, backlit digital LCD that automatically displays the correct reading with no user intervention required (auto-ranging). The DSM-500 can be configured to indicate, CPM, CPS, R/hr and/or Sv/hr. Units can be easily changed with an internal switch; no recalibration is required. The survey meter includes probe-saturation and other error indicators. A scaler function, adjustable alarms an external data port are also included. This survey meter supports most external probes. For a choice of probes with photos and specifications, please reference our product list. If you require a dual probe survey meter, we recommend the DSM-525.


DSM-500 Survey Meter Manual

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DSM-500 Specifications

Input Sensitivity 0.050v
Display 4 DIGIT X .75” Tall 19 mm) LCD W/Led BACKLIGHT
Display Back light Push button on for 30 seconds auto off
Dose Ranges 0 . 0 uR/hr to 9999 R/hr & 0.0 uSv/hr to 999.9 Sv/hr
CPM Ranges 0—9,999 cps, 0—9999 cpm & 0—9999 Kcpm
Scaler ranges 0—9,999 cps, 0—9999 cpm & 0—9999 Kcpm
Scaler Count Time Ranges 10 second increments to 2500 seconds
Calibration Controls Each range has separate non-interacting potentiometer
Diagnostics Low Battery, Overload (Saturation)
Electrical Non-Linearity < 5%
Response Time FAST 4 seconds fs — SLOW 20 seconds fs
Drift < 5%
Environmental -20 deg F (-28 deg C)-140deg F (60 deg C) | 5-95% RH IPX4 Housing
High Voltage Adjustable 300-1500 VDC | Regulation ±1%
Battery 6--”AA” Alkaline (Nominal 200 hrs Operation)
Circuitry Digital Microprocessor Controlled
Dimensions 5.5" (14cm) H X 4" (10cm) W X 7" (18cm) L
Weight 2.5 lbs (1.1kilo) W/ Batteries
Construction Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Probes Supports All Johnson Nuclear Probes
Data Output 9 pin serial RS-232— Panel switch manual data dump (Optional, but no extra cost)


Common Detector Configurations:

DSM-500-HP Digital Survey Meter / Scaler with HP-265 Pancake G-M detector........

DSM-500-NaI Digital Survey Meter / Scaler with 1"x1" NaI Scintillation detector.......

DSM-500-MR Digital Survey Meter / Scaler with MRSP-1, Plastic Scintllation Detector....

Other radiation detector configurations are available.

For a Demonstration of the DSM-500:

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